July 27, 2022

Dimo Custom Diaper Bag

Highlight 1: A pack of double use as a den and maternity sack, simple to switch, and foldable.

Include 2: Large limit with different compartments that assists you with keeping things coordinated and bring out what you really want the most rapidly.

Include 3: Durable, tear-safe, back secret pocket, and stretch zipper pocket.

Get your custom diaper pack printing for your corporate use

The printed diaper pack customisation at Aquaholic presents to you the prettiest and most valuable administrations for taking your small one out for the afternoon. With rich fantastic looks and bunches of reasonable data, the tweaked diaper packs in our assortment get on each new mother's list of things to get.

At the point when you decide to have your child diaper sacks monogrammed, you incorporate an exceptional touch that transforms a straightforward pack solidly into a remembrance thing. Our custom diaper bag are produced using premium versatile items to endure through kid's early stages. As a matter of fact, you'll cherish the simplicity of our child diaper sacks so a lot, you'll plan to continue using it as an individual carryall likewise after your child continues to preschool!

Redone Diaper Bag Printing

Aquaholic Gifts monogrammed child diaper pack assortment permits you browse rucksack plans, shoulder sack and furthermore convey all grasp that fit your way of life. Whether you favor the sans hands comfort of a knapsack, the sizable capacity of a drag or the decision of a convey all that is not quite the same as your large pack, our assortment has the monogrammed child diaper sacks any kind of mother will appreciate.

We realize that youthful mothers have their hands total with their little dear babies, so we have really included smart, reasonable data in our individualized diaper sacks. Removeable changing cushions, outside safeguarded pockets for holders and furthermore indoor pockets assist Mama with remaining organized and furthermore ready for anything that the day brings.

Stand separated

Counting a monogrammed of Mom's or alternately child's initials makes a custom-made child diaper pack from Aquaholic stand apart from the typical horde of exhausting, ugly child sacks. Whether you're looking for the great child shower gift, helping another mom or looking for your own special essential adornment, the monogrammed diaper packs give style and character to each play day, purchasing binge or mother and-me escape.

Aquaholic Gifts

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Play Your Part in Conserving the Environment with Custom Jute Bags!

Did you be aware? Jute develops absent a lot of mediation. Dissimilar to different harvests, it doesn't need manures and pesticides to develop. In this manner, it has its impact in safeguarding biological systems and normal territories. Additionally, jute packs areas of strength for are, and reusable. Jute sacks don't hurt the climate as plastic packs do, and hence, it is a savvy and safe decision to secure and ration the climate.

You can introduce your image as earth cognizant by putting resources into Custom Jute Bag printing. These custom Jute sacks can be printed with your organization logo and make an incredible climate well disposed and practical gift for your clients, patrons, and representatives. The choices are limitless! They can utilize these Custom Jute Bags to keep their books, food, beauty care products, travel things, and so forth. These manageable Custom Jute Bags will turn into your client's #1 shopping accomplice!

Our current circumstance accommodating Custom Jute Bags mix old-world style with toughness. You can utilize its various sizes and plans to receive custom messages printed with our Jute Bag Printing administrations. You can urge the world to go manageable as your image has pursued the shrewd choice to! Along these lines, you can make numerous new clients and clients.

Our Jute Bag Printing administrations permit you to get excellent and all around planned Custom Jute Bags in mass amount and that as well, at discount costs. You can totally alter your Custom Jute Bags, including the style, plan, and size. Custom Jute Bags are produced using launderable textures and are appropriate to silk-screen printing, computerized printing, and move printing. These exquisite natural sacks accompany drawstrings or equal handles to guard the items.

Aquaholic Gifts invests wholeheartedly in having its impact to preserve the climate. We have been meeting various organizations' showcasing and special requirements for over twenty years now. We know how to give excellent work, first class client assistance, and costs to take your image to a higher level! We likewise lead irregular quality control minds our items to ensure that you get simply the greatest items. We don't convey flawed or broken items. We likewise give expedited shipment to pressing requests.

So take your showcasing to a higher level by putting resources into these manageable Custom Jute Bags. These strong packs are durable and worth the cash as they likewise contribute emphatically to the climate. Urge your clients to become environmentally viable with our Jute Bag Printing administrations! Advance your image name particularly and emphatically with these sturdy and up-to-date sacks!

Our client assistance agents are accessible every minute of every day to help you and guide you. Go ahead and call us to talk about your singular requirements. We will be glad to pay attention to your requirements and rejuvenate your vision. We have a great many special gifts and custom items that can do ponders for your business development and deals. Look at our site or call us now!

Custom Jute Bags are the result representing things to come! Be the first to get these practical gifts!

Aquaholic Gifts

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#01-56, Singapore 409497

Tel: (65) 6747 5542

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Custom Printed Dry Bags: The Ultimate Travel and Adventure Accessory!

The individuals who are ongoing explorers and experience searchers know how eccentric the weather conditions can be. Downpour, tempest, and snow can once in a while come with next to no advance notice. What's more, when you are out on a trip with next to no safe house, you really want to safeguard your important effects. That is where custom printed dry bag prove to be useful!

Dry packs are likewise a #1 for water sports devotees and hikers. They are a protected and savvy decision for swashbucklers and hikers to keep their telephones, PCs, watches, and travel papers safe. So what better method for making your image well known on the planet than by putting resources into exclusively printed dry packs including your image name?

We give exclusively printed dry packs in different materials and shapes. A large portion of them are formed rotundly and near the top. They are dependable, water-safe, and solid to ensure that your client's effects are remained careful, and your image's standing is kept up with. Our custom waterproof sacks are extremely well known as they can convey a lot of stuff. These gym bags additionally permit you to include your image name noticeably.

These custom waterproof sacks are perfect as a limited time gift for your clients and are utilitarian too. These custom waterproof sacks can be utilized to store bites and guard them from unnecessary water, particularly while partaking in the Sea. Our custom waterproof sacks are likewise perfect to continue setting up camp material and fishing gear because of their life span. So, these custom waterproof sacks are ideally suited for a wide range of outside exercises and ensure that your client's significant reports or valuable material are safeguarded. While your client is out there in the woodlands, they won't need to stress over their wet pack, obliterated archives or contraptions. They will actually want to completely appreciate it!

As a proprietor of a company or a little startup, you can give your client a calm open air experience by giving them the ideal accomplice for every one of their exercises! These exclusively printed dry sacks make certain to be a hit with your workers and clients. You can put resources into these custom waterproof packs as a giveaway gift for studios, tradeshows, occasions, and substantially more!

So the thing would you say you are sitting tight for? Take your image to a higher level with these astonishing uniquely printed dry packs. Carry a grin to your clients' countenances by giving them something they can utilize! It will assist with advancing your image's name decidedly as they will see that you care about your clients.

Aquaholic Gifts has been giving corporate gifts and custom items for over twenty years now. We additionally give reasonable items in mass amounts. We invest wholeheartedly in offering expedited shipment for critical orders. You have the choice to get altered items according to your advertising needs. We know how to give excellent items according to your need.

So go ahead and examine your advertising needs with us! Our client support agents will be glad to help you!

Aquaholic Gifts

Blk 1002, Eunos Ave 8,

#01-56, Singapore 409497

Tel: (65) 6747 5542

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Customised Paper Bags for Singapore

Customised paper bag might be utilized in different ways of giving the association huge exposure. There are likewise more places you can utilize engraved shopping sacks for publicizing your organization while passing out a shopping pack as a client makes your request.

How Printed Paper Bags Emphasize Your Brand

One way to deal with accomplish this is to bundle different special pieces and store them well in printed paper pack sacks to be conveyed to the recipients at the following show. The following time you decide to thank your current clients and proposition them client appreciation, this is as yet an ideal decision.

During the whole case, expo beneficiaries likewise get a critical assortment of limited time pieces. Conveying these things might become difficult rapidly. Your liberal demonstration of disseminating an amazing sack implies they don't need to ponder dealing with everything any longer. Additionally, the beneficiary will see your name and symbol during the remainder of the occasion and acquaint nearly anybody they meet with your image.

These special items offer an overflow of return on a humble use at only a couple of pennies for every pack. Add the tremendous room accessible to stamp your image name, logo, and contact subtleties, and these packs are critical. These shopping sacks are made of the best quality and tough handles and reused for likely use.

The mix of two unique sizes ensures an ideal counterpart for both your financial plan and your expectation. On the off chance that you needn't bother with a major truck, the little shopping pack will hold your spending plan taken care of. You might pick a more huge customer for a couple of pennies for each truck, which offers additional room. Regardless of which decision you picked, these tweaked paper sacks will empower you to ensure that your image is perceived and taken note.

Printed Paper Bag Features

As opposed to other bundling items, we sell printed paper packs mostly made of nearby material and assist you with saving assets. This guarantees that they diminish fabricating costs, as their creation doesn't require an excessive amount of energy.

Incorporate green and recyclable choices into the advertising procedures. Our paper sacks are perfect for shopping and gift packs. It doesn't just dispenses with plastic use yet in addition carries a hearty shift focus over to the brand contact.

Numerous organizations comprehend the benefit of being harmless to the ecosystem since organizations committed to environment protection are as yet supported by residents. That is the reason, with our marked paper packs, you can track down ways of applying harmless to the ecosystem options in contrast to your showcasing efforts.

Aquaholic paper sacks are smarter to utilize, especially in light of the fact that they are recyclable as opposed to plastic packs. They are made of quickly disintegrated materials that leave no buildup harmful to the climate.

Aquaholic Gifts

Blk 1002, Eunos Ave 8,

#01-56, Singapore 409497

Tel: (65) 6747 5542

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Custom Non Woven Bag Printing

Aquaholic's functional, custom non-woven bag are delivered in great elegance. These adaptable totes with trendy and ingenious features make your company brand a part of your daily routine.

Increase your impact at events by using hot, non-woven display tots for literature packs, handouts, and selection bags. Using non-woven reusable food totes, demonstrate the company's participation to sustainability efforts.

Put your name on fashionable non-woven bag gifts. Our advertising totes have been enhanced with cutting-edge sublimated printing and eye-catching finishing to increase exposure to your logo. Discover the most comprehensive collection of non-woven advertising totes in the business and open the door to limitless marketing ideas.

Exceptionally Woven Tote Bag Printing Features
The customary handbag with a modern wind: 100 percent modified, absolutely printable packs that convey these sacks to an entirely different aspect. Your next shopping trip isn't just eco-accommodating yet in vogue as well!

The special packs are the best limited time item for little shops. A special gift with a logo that transforms into a pack can be conveyed in the vehicle or your pocket consistently.

Handbags are a help for both the client and the organization or individual parting with them. They are so natural to make that you should simply browse our range of varieties, the model with the main ability to oblige more items, or the most unique of our variations and apply your organization logo. We deal with the screen printing of the non woven totes.

Discount Promotional Non woven Tote Bags
Would you like to make a lot of non woven packs for your occasion, business, or publicizing effort? Then you are at the right location with the right organization for customized gifts! We realize that the readiness of occasions is extremely convoluted and over the top expensive, so we offer you economical limited time packs and special sacks to have an effect with your clients. You should simply browse our wide assortment of models, alter your limited time pack and sit tight for it to show up at its objective.

Much of the time Asked Questions About Custom Non Woven Tote Bags
Why give customized non woven shopping packs?

Limited time non woven sacks are generally a well known gift at career expos and corporate occasions as they are helpful for conveying any desk work that is assembled while strolling between the stands.
Moreover, limited time packs can likewise be utilized as customized shopping sacks with the logo or name of the business or organization to supplant ecologically destructive plastic sacks. Limited time shopping sacks are a somewhat economical item. In any case, they decidedly influence your image's perceivability as they are customized adornments that can be handily reused beyond the occasion in which they were given, changing clients into how you are given. Packs with logo in diplomats of your image.

Which model of customized non woven shopping packs would it be a good idea for me to pick?

In our assortment, you will track down various models of limited time non woven sacks in various varieties, sizes, and textures, so you can pick the one you need contingent upon your financial plan and the kind of occasion you wish to advance. We have bright sacks and exemplary beige material packs.

Paper sacks and specially designed downy packs are among the most prudent and, as well as publicizing sacks made of material, cotton, and material, are the sovereigns of exchange fairs and can likewise be utilized as shopping packs in shops. Then again, customized jute packs are extremely exquisite and complex, ideal for advancing your image at unique or restrictive occasions.

Aquaholic Gifts

Blk 1002, Eunos Ave 8,

#01-56, Singapore 409497

Tel: (65) 6747 5542

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July 24, 2022

Prioritize your Privacy: Webcam Cover with Custom Logo

It is crucial to safeguard computer security and personal privacy in this digital age. As more individuals realise how important privacy is, there is an increasing demand in the market for laptop camera covers. To assist secure your clients' and customers' safety, security, and privacy, Aquaholic Gifts has produced unique webcam cover with logo

We provide several designs for our webcam covers with printed logos. Their ideal size makes them a practical tool for hiding the laptop camera and preventing unintentional recording of your clients and consumers. You may efficiently market and advertise your brand or business by using our laptop camera covers. We can create custom webcam covers for you that feature your company name or logo. At your subsequent event, workshop, or meeting, you might provide these practical promotional items. Every time your client uses their laptop to work, the personalised webcam cover with your brand name will be in their line of sight. They'll understand that your business cares about their protection and safety. Your clients, customers, and staff will all form a positive impression of you in this way.

Webcam covers with custom designs make ideal corporate gifts.

You might explain the significance of this gift to your clients and customers when you give them one of our personalised webcam covers. You could warn them that unauthorised users could secretly record them via the laptop camera. These promotional laptop camera covers are the ideal way to let your customers and clients know how much you value them. Such a considerate gesture will elevate your brand above competitors in the eyes of your clients, consumers, and staff. They will understand that your company is dedicated to thinking about everyone's safety and security. By doing this, you can successfully market your company in the eyes of potential customers and clients.

Camera Latop Cover with Printed Logo

Because of their tiny size, our laptop camera covers are simple to handle and give as gifts. Your clients and customers may close the laptop lid without removing these custom webcam covers because to their small size. High-quality laptop camera covers that won't harm your lens in any way have been made by our company. You don't have to be concerned about any sticky residue remaining on your laptop camera when using it anytime you need to. These custom webcam covers guard your privacy while also preventing damage to your laptop camera.

Your upcoming event will be a tremendous success thanks to custom webcam coverings! These laptop camera covers will both satisfy the wants of your customers and clients and demonstrate to your rivals that your marketing techniques are novel. So stop contemplating! Our top-notch, convenient, and giftable personalised webcam covers will work wonders for your brand!

To help you promote your brand or business, Aquaholic Gifts has developed a whole line of personalised items. By developing personalised corporate promotional gifts with your company name or emblem, our creative team can meet your needs. Please get in touch with us if you want to advance your brand promotion.

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Customized Powerbank | Powerbank With Logo

The market is filled with a variety of well-liked goods. In Singapore, you will see a lot of people utilising custom power banks on a daily basis. They are bringing this equipment to charge all of their portable electronics, including computers, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. If you want to advertise your company to certain clients in Singapore, this could be a great option for you. You can place an order at our shop for your preferred customised printing or design in this nation. Here are some explanations as to why our business would make the ideal corporate gift supplier for you.

Exceptional Powerbank with Printed Logo

Before choosing the best product for yourself, you must analyse all the options while looking for the greatest customised power bank devices for your customers. To choose the perfect product for your needs, you must also examine all of the qualities of various products. We provide a number of high-quality power bank products from well-known companies, including XiaoMi, Bullet, Avenue, and others. Because they are constructed from the highest-quality materials, these brands are well-known among many consumers in Singapore. When used in a typical setting, they can last for a very long time.

For your corporate demands, portable size

Our goods are all designed to be portable. This is another another factor contributing to the popularity of our power bank products among business owners. The users can take any of these power bank gadgets with them wherever they go with ease. When you wish to carry one of these gadgets around with you every day, you can put some of them in your pocket. Additionally, our branded power bank products are uniquely made with a lightweight design. Bringing any of these devices is easy and can happen whenever you want.

Options that are colourful to fit your marketing campaign

Another benefit we would want to provide to our clients is this. Many of the portable power bank printing devices that we provide feature vibrant designs and styles. All of these lovely designs will be quite helpful in enhancing the overall appearance of our power bank gadgets. Our organisation offers a variety of popular colour choices, such as beige, blue, black, brown, green, gold, grey, orange, etc. For your portable custom printed power bank devices, you can also choose specific colours if you are ordering a large quantity. If you would like a special order in this colour or style, there is a minimum order quantity that must be met.

Personalized design

You can always come into our store if you're looking for a quality promotional item for your company. We have several promotional products that will benefit your company. Customized power bank printing is one of the most well-liked products we sell. You are welcome to add your company name, logo, and other messages to the power bank. Strong brand recognition will be delivered for your business by these messaging. You can advertise your brand presence and make others aware of it.

On our custom power bank, you have a few possibilities for printing your brand or artwork. We provide single-color printing, full-color inkjet printing, and laser engraving. You can have a durable and vibrant design on the power bank using the full-color inkjet method. A single-color printing technique will provide a long-lasting graphic with a "painted on" appearance. Your power bank can also be customised using a laser engraving technique. This approach will result in a precise finish and upscale appearance. The colour of the underlying materials will determine the colour of the finished product.

We would want to provide our customers with a wide range of additional advantages. You can always order any of these goods from us when you want to buy the greatest promotional items for your company's needs. We don't have a high minimum order quantity for our clients. Before deciding to purchase a large number of our power banks, you can order a sample from us. All purchases will be delivered as quickly as possible to your location, allowing you to start advertising your company with any of these power bank gadgets whenever you like.

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Any Speaker Can Be Promoted With Your Logo or Artwork.

With the assortment of foldable and rechargeable speakers from aquaholic, you can blast the jams. This kind present will add a musical flair to your marketing and advertising campaigns! Browse custom bluetooth speaker and travel choices, all of which are completely adaptable to your brand identity and financial constraints. You can quickly increase the exposure of your brand by using a range of speaker types, sizes, and forms.

The promotional speakers from aquaholic make the ideal present for any music enthusiast. Our electronics come in a variety of sizes and themes that are appropriate for every situation. Look through our speaker keychains for low-cost giveaways and rewards. Look through a variety of mobile phone speakers that may be taken with you. Or look at our speaker pedometers, which make great presents for people working in the health or fitness sector!

Looking for a stylish, branded present for board members or VIPs? With the help of our excellent speakers, you can elegantly market your company. To hear the sound quality for yourself, get a sample. Get in contact with one of our Brand Specialists if you require assistance. We're happy to offer suggestions based on your spending limit and marketing requirements. Put your company's name and logo on the speaker of your choice as a present to get the party started!

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Customised Headphone and Earphone with Logo Printing


Nowadays, everyone uses customised headphones, making them maybe the ideal promotional item for your goods. With these headphones, people may listen to their favourite music, and if you brand them with your logo, they could serve as a marketing tool for you. Customers and others will frequently see the name of your business, giving you free publicity.

We make printed earphone designs to order and send you the top portable promotional headphones. The finest option for runners and gym goers is a pair of our earbud-style headphones. We create unique headphones for a variety of professions, such as:

Wireless earbuds for exercising without worrying about tangles
attachments for promotional headphones to promote products
Personalized headphones with the company's logo

Benefits of branded headphones

  • People commonly use headphones, which raises exposure of your business.
  • incredibly elegant, appealing, and functional
  • Customizable


The headphone slowly began to take off as the music industry underwent a transformation in 1970. These days, headphones stand for taste and flair. Two sides of the headphone are joined together. A battery and radio waves are used by the wireless headphones, which are currently gaining popularity. We have created sports headphones for those who enjoy to exercise. Other promotional items include bespoke USB thumb drives and powerbanks for mobile phones.

How to Use Promotional Headphones

Many individuals enjoy listening to music, and these gadgets are frequently used to do so while on the go. Younger music fans converse on the phone while listening to music with headphones. Your laptop can be equipped with headphones so you can listen to music privately. These promotional items benefit the exposure of your brand in this way. When a favourite item is associated with a company, an emotional value is created.


The printing on headphones is a great option for promoting your business. We may add your company's tagline or logo while also giving it an interesting design. Anyone who sees or uses it will have a positive view of it. Customers, coworkers, or business partners could be included. Compared to traditional media like radio or TV, these promotional tools are more effective.

You may give your client a gift or use it to promote a seasonal event. With the use of promotional headphones, you can promote your goods during trade shows. You can stand out from your rivals who are still utilising conventional advertising channels. You might help your audience remember your brand.


We bring you to your customers as skilled designers and professionals in headphone customization. You get more from us than just an internet store. We fulfil your advertising requirements by locating the ideal promotional items for you. We are an inventive marketing service for you in this. We are less expensive than conventional marketing. Our team is committed to servicing you, and our clients have faith in us.

Do you require our assistance with promotional headphones or other business gifts? Give us a call, and we'll be happy to help.

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Custom Maternity Bag for Hospitals

Large capacity, waterproof, and two zippers for simple access are the first two features.

Feature 2: Well-layered compartments to keep bottles, diaper rags, and wet and dry diapers separate.

3. Easy-grab handle, ergonomic back design, and thick, cushioned shoulder straps provide you with a comfortable carrying experience and force reinforcement.

For hospitals, Aquaholic provides a variety of Custom Maternity Bag for Hospitals

Get an Aquaholic pregnant bag so you can buy and organise your baby's diapers, extra clothes, pacifiers, toys, child containers, and baby food while you visit loved ones or explore the outdoors. Find out the whole. To enhance convenience, choose a maternal bag category with adjustable straps and water-resistant designs. Find sturdy and machine-washable materials. Pregnancy bags made to order are available in stylish colours and patterns to fit your style.

By purchasing and organising your baby's diapers, extra clothing, pacifiers, toys, child containers, and baby food in an Aquaholic pregnancy bag, you can do so while you visit family or go on an outdoor adventure. Discover the total. Select a maternal bag category with movable straps and water-resistant styles to increase convenience. Find materials that are durable and easy to clean. Custom-made pregnancy bags are available in trendy colours and patterns to match your personal taste.

Your parent-and-baby vacations are going to be amazing with the practical and fashionable pregnant bag available in striking patterns, neutral tones, or greatly enhanced options. The most reputable designers in the world created the pregnancy bags, which feature shoulder straps, safe and secure closures, and multiple pockets for maximum portability and convenience. These personalised medical bags are constructed of nylon, canvas, and other strong materials, and they are designed to be both functional and beautiful.

Take pleasure in your upcoming family vacations when you invest. To meet the specific needs of the parents, personalised printed hospital bags are provided in both feminine and unisex forms. Look for large, light bags with padded shoulders and backs. Do not let a limited budget prevent you from taking advantage of the fantastic deals and reduced prices offered by Aquaholic Gifts.

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June 01, 2021

Keep Guests Comfortable with Quality Hotel Supplies

Aquaholic Gifts Pte Ltd Hotel Supply is the solitary asset you need for the entirety of your inn and café supply needs. From support and housekeeping supplies to furniture and bedding, we have the items you need to keep your eatery or inn alluring and useful, and all at discount valuing that will accommodate your financial plan without any problem.

To help you save time, we advantageously coordinated all your #1 inn supply items into classes that are not difficult to perceive.

Your lodging is a home away from home and when potential visitors search for a spot to remain during their movements, the comfort of the rooms you offer are consistently a top thought. At the center of our assortments of inn supplies are our bedding and shower supplies .

Produced using superior grade, sturdy materials that are both agreeable and strong, these fundamental sheet material and restroom items help keep your visitors' solace ensured while additionally making life simpler for your housekeeping staff. We do the entirety of the examination to make assortments that follow latest things in visitor solace, making it a basic interaction to discover engaging sheets, towels, bedding, rollaway beds, bunks and more at Mayfair Hotel Supply.

Housekeeping Supplies at Wholesale Prices

As an asset for discount inn supplies, we comprehend your need to deal with your spending plan. That is the reason we offer housekeeping inn supplies at low costs. Try not to forfeit the nature of your cleaning and housekeeping supplies for financial plan. With our broad list, you can have both top notch items and moderate estimating.

Lodging and Restaurant Furniture

No lodging eatery supplies source would be finished without decorations, and we have the indoor and open air furniture you need for your visitors' solace. We additionally stock grower, trash bins and accomplices to make agreeable and utilitarian seating regions around your space.

Room and Hospitality Supplies

Try not to disregard the solace of your visitors in your lodgings. Our lodging supplies incorporate neighborliness supplies, toiletries and room adornments. Find precisely what you need to complete your rooms and ensure your visitors' solace with Hotel Supply. Begin shopping and setting aside cash with our discount valuing today! What's more, on the off chance that you join our email list for exceptional offers, you can save considerably more.

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Menu Holders and Table Menus

Show your menus basically and successfully on each table utilizing our assortment of menu holders, menu impedes, and coordinated menu compartments. Fluctuating from straightforward metal grasps to strong acacia wood blocks, track down the ideal menu cardholder to finish your topic and make each table inviting and energizing. Unattached acrylic menu holders are the ideal ledge menu compartments and can likewise be a basic and elegant option in contrast to ledge boards.

With an arrangement of wood tones and styles accessible, regardless of whether you need a pine menu holder or dull wood menu holder, it's not difficult to track down the ideal tabletop menu square or grasp to suit your necessities. Menu holders are intended to be unattached and permit your menu to be obviously seen or gotten up. For encased menu covers and menu organizers, peruse our menu covers assortment. For help choosing whether menu covers or menu holders will function admirably for you, read our menu holder purchasing guide.

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Bespoke, Personalised, Hand Crafted Menu Cover Design

Aquaholic Gifts Pte Ltd are famous for pushing the limits with menu cover plan and assembling. There are such countless materials accessible to us nowadays that we can make genuinely remarkable items. Aquaholic Gifts Pte Ltd can offer an answer for the most difficult prerequisites and make something genuinely illustrative of the customer's scene.

In the event that you are searching for an item that is one of a kind in its structure, material or shading and can't discover it on our site at that point if it's not too much trouble, contact our outreach group who can work with you to make a bespoke item only for you.

Pick Your Material

We offer a large number of materials that your menu envelope can be made out of to make an exceptional and extravagant item that will stand apart from different eateries and settings. Buckram Cloth, Leather, Wood, Cork, PVC and a lot more are accessible in a wode scope of shadings.

While picking a material consider factors, for example,

  • the style of your setting and shading plan (are you searching for a splendid current tone, or a customary calfskin menu covers);
  • how bustling your setting is (a few materials are more hard-wearing than others);
  • the number of pages of menu you need to show (a few materials are thicker than others and loan themselves to less page menus);
  • your spending plan (various materials have distinctive crude material expenses and are more work escalated to make, implying that the costs do differ).

Our group are accessible to talk you however any of these focuses and recommend the best material fit to your necessities, spending plan, and above all your image.

Pick Your Color

Every material reach has its own shading choices accessible. Shading samples are accessible to see as a PDF on most item pages to show the reach that is accessible for every item.

Menu covers would now be able to be printed full tone, so regardless of whether you can't track down the specific tone or finish that you require, we can offer limitless opportunities for the completion that you are searching for. You have the chance to utilize our accomplished visual depiction studio, to make dazzling craftsmanship that is lined up with your eatery or setting.

Pick Your Fixing

You should choose how you need to show your menu inside your covers. It is possible that you as of now have an inclination on the vibe of a specific fixing, or you might need to consider how every now and again you change your menu (a few techniques are faster to change than others, line trimmings are extraordinary for specials menus), what kind of printer you have (this will decide the paper size/thickness you need to utilize), how much your menus are utilized (clear pockets are an all the more long haul choice in the event that you need your menus to last more).

Pick Your Size

Our items can be planned and made in a scope of standard paper sizes and shapes. A large portion of our standard sizes are made to oblige standard 'A' paper sizes, alongside US letter sizes. Bill moderators, wine list covers, and any remaining coordinating with café frill are planned and made in the full scope of industry standard sizes.

Our standard sizes are A4, 2/3 A4, 1/2 A4, A5 and 21cm x 21cm. By and large, the most mainstream are A4, 1/2 A4 and A5 because of their common sense. A5 and 1/2 A4 make for incredible beverages menus and sweet menus with A4 being normally utilized for primary menus.

We make the menu covers marginally bigger than the paper measures so your menu embeds fit pleasantly into the covers, with a little leading body of the cover material.

Should you require an exceptional size our group can work with you to oblige practically any solicitation.

Pick Your Personalisation and Branding

A large portion of our customers wish to have their scene/image name or logo on their menu covers. The entirety of our items can be customized through a scope of strategies, contingent on the material picked.

Personalisation techniques incorporate; Hot Foil, Debossing, Printing, Engraving and Metal/Wooden Plates.

Every item page subtleties which personalisation choices are accessible for the material kind.

Normal Menu Cover FAQs

How would I put my logo on the menu covers?

The entirety of our items can be customized with your organization logo and marking. In the event that you have a high goal adaptation of your logo or example that you might want on your menu covers, ideally a vector in a .PDF, .AI, .SVG or .EPS document design (the individual who planned your logo will actually want to supply you with this on the off chance that you don't as of now have one), we can put this on your menu cover.

In the event that you do experience difficulty tracking down a high goal document, we offer a visual communication administration for you to reproduce your records in the right configuration. You are given various variants of the finished records to permit you to use for some other marking projects you might be arranging later on.

When you have your high goal record and have chosen what material you might want, you can consider how you might want this to be put on the menu covers.

What is Labyrinth?

Maze is a plan idea planned by Aquaholic Gifts Pte Ltd Supplies joining a complicated example over the entire menu and encompassing content or a logo. Joining this with a combination of hot foil and debossing methods has a magnificent impact and makes your logo stick out. Make your own maze example or utilize our extra plan administrations to make an extraordinary example ideal for your setting.

Why not fuse the example from your backdrop or draperies on to your menu covers?

What amount of time does it require to get my request?

When your request has been affirmed, and your craftsmanship closed down, it generally requires 10-15 working days for us to create your request. Likewise with all assembling, a few materials/alternatives can be made speedier than this, and a few materials, and determinations can take longer, anyway you will be educated at the time regarding your request what amount of time they will require.

Should you need your request by a particular date, like a premiere night, at that point kindly let our group know and they will put forth a valiant effort to oblige your solicitation.

Aquaholic Gifts Pte Ltd additionally have a standard scope of menu covers that can be dispatched in a more limited time span Buy Now Menu Covers

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May 31, 2021

Buy the Best Leather Desk Pad at the Lowest Prices on Aquaholic Gifts Pte Ltd

Looking to shop forfor leather desk pad? you're within the rightplace! Aquaholic Gifts Pte Ltd is an efficient online platform for brands and sellers to plug their products, and customers to urge their goods. Boasting an honest range of products across many categories, it'sa one-stop destination for love or money you want. With Aquaholic Gifts Pte Ltd, you're assured of fast, safe, and convenient effortless online shopping experience. Shop anything from in-demand gadgets and chic fashion pieces to contemporary home accessories and wonder supplies to grocery essentials and more. Everything is certainly within your reach!

We have partnered with quite thousands of leading brands and trusted sellers to bring you an honest quiteproduct choices. you'llsee brand official stores via
selling 100% authentic products in conjunction with many other independent sellers, respectively providing goods and services that meet every customer’s requirements. When it involves purchasing leather desk pad, you'll surely not run out of choices.
Enjoy great savings, discounts and superb value once you shop leather desk pad on Aquaholic Gifts Pte Ltd with regards to prices and quality. We regularly add new products, keeping you updated with the foremostrecent developments and styles. We also provide web and app-only offers, free shipping vouchers, up-to-the-minute flash sales, bundle deals, brand and seller discounts and other promos to assistyou maximize your shopping experience with us.
Get the soleleather desk pad at rock bottomprices with cheap or free shipping rates only at Aquaholic Gifts Pte Ltd. together of the foremost important online marketplaces in Singapore, we always strive to supplyand cater to what the purchasers want and wish. instead ofroaming around and considering options from other sites, inspect our website and highly rated app, and conveniently place your order. Your leather desk pad are becomingto be conveniently delivered straight to your doorsteps anywhere you're in Singapore, guaranteed with hassle-free returns. Remain assured of quality products as customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Take a glanceat an honest range of leather desk pad and place your orders at once! it'salso great to attentively inspect seller ratings, customer reviews and merchandise descriptions before placing an order. you would liketo carefully and wisely compare prices too and inspect some store discounts and coupons many |to avoid wasting"> many|to avoid wasting"> to save manylots of lots of even more on your purchases.
Shop for the foremostrecent and fairly priced leather desk pad on the nation’s leading online shopping destination. Whatever products you decidefor, you're bound tofind them here. Aquaholic Gifts Pte Ltd Singapore hosts many durable, excellent, and affordable products, keeping pace with what our avid customers want and wish. If you're trying to huntout high-end or budget-friendly leather desk pad, you'll definitely catch on here!

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Buy the Best Bill Folder at the Lowest Prices on Aquaholic Gifts Pte Ltd

Looking to shop for a bill folder? you're within the right place! Aquaholic Gift is an efficient online platform for brands and sellers to market their products, and customers to get their goods. Boasting a good range of products across many categories, it's a one-stop destination for love or money you would like. With Aquaholic Gifts, you're assured of a fast, safe, and convenient effortless online shopping experience. Shop anything from in-demand gadgets and chic fashion pieces to contemporary home accessories and wonder supplies to grocery essentials and more. Everything is definitely within your reach!

We have partnered with quite thousands of leading brands and trusted sellers to bring you a good sort of product choices. you'll see brand official stores via selling 100% authentic products along side many other independent sellers, respectively providing goods and services that meet every customer’s requirements. When it involves purchasing bill folder, you'll surely not run out of choices.
Enjoy great savings, discounts and superb value once you shop bill folder on Aquaholic Gifts with regards to prices and quality.

We regularly add new products, keeping you updated with the newest developments and styles . We also provide web and app-only offers, free shipping vouchers, up-to-the-minute flash sales, bundle deals, brand and seller discounts and other promos to assist you maximize your shopping experience with us.

Get the simplest bill folder at rock bottom prices with cheap or free shipping rates only at Aquaholic Gifts. together of the most important online marketplaces in Singapore, we always strive to supply and cater to what the purchasers want and wish . instead of roaming around and considering options from other sites, inspect our website and highly rated app, and conveniently place your order. Your bill folder are going to be conveniently delivered straight to your doorsteps anywhere you're in Singapore, guaranteed with hassle-free returns. Remain assured of quality products as customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Take a glance at a good range of bill folders and place your orders at once! it's also great to attentively inspect seller ratings, customer reviews, and merchandise descriptions before placing an order. you ought to carefully and wisely compare prices too and inspect some store discounts and coupons to save lots of even more on your purchases.

Shop for the newest and fairly priced bill folder on the nation’s leading online shopping destination. Whatever products you decide on, you're bound to find them here. Aquaholic Gifts Singapore hosts many durable, excellent, and affordable products, keeping pace with what our avid customers want and wish. If you're trying to find a high-end or budget-friendly bill folder, you'll definitely catch on here!

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May 30, 2021

Promotional Custom Bowls

Need to serve snacks at your next tradeshow occasion? Or on the other hand possibly your inn serves free mainland breakfast? From food providers to overnight boardinghouses, organizations facilitating uncommon occasions over supper, and that's only the tip of the iceberg, everybody can track down a decent use for the specially printed bowls from Underabuck. Our exceptionally printed bowls are made out of excellent materials, which implies you never need to stress over them releasing, regardless of whether they're brimming with oat or soup. They are totally adjustable in a wide assortment of ways as well! Pick the shade of your bowl, pick your picture, and pick how your picture is put on the bowl. With free arrangement and confirmations, you will see precisely what your specially printed bowls will resemble before we send them your way. We ensure your total fulfillment, which incorporates offering the most reduced cost accessible on great limited time things!

Instructions to Get Your Logo On Bowls:-


Select your choices and transfer your work of art.


Complete checkout from your truck.


We'll reach you on the off chance that we see anything missing.


We will not print anything until you love the design!


The creation begins! We'll affirm the assessed transport date.


Your request is on it's way. We'll send over following!

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May 28, 2021

Buy Coasters Online for Your Dear Ones

To consider what to present your cherished one on his/her birthday can be a burdening position! Notwithstanding, in the event that you do wish to send across a blessing that consistently stays near their heart, a customized blessing would be your smartest option. Request customized napkins, cakes, espresso cups and key chains. Shock your darlings with blessings that are made uncommonly from them.

Because of our expedited service administrations, you can have confidence that your affection would arrive at your friends and family as a staggering liners as customized endowments, precisely as chosen by you. Along these lines, regardless of whether you haven't prepared of time, stress no more, since we can help you plan your adored one's day in a matter of seconds. What's more, an extraordinary other blessing, you can arrange liners, a pack of fascinating dry-organic products, a staggering bunch of new roses or even purchase customized cake to fill their heart with joy considerably more mysterious. All in all, what are you hanging tight for? Purchase liners today, and take it easy, while they are conveyed to your adored one!

Presently Order Customised Coasters Online

Tragically, it typically takes an umpteen measure of time and energy to pick a decent blessing, and simply in the event that you have no an ideal opportunity to visit a shop picking a befitting present for your companion, you need not concern any longer. We comprehend the worth of your time, and subsequently offer perfect online administrations, whereby you can arrange any blessing thing directly from a new bouquet to a hand crafted cake and get it conveyed to your cherished one at the ideal time and spot! Presently, how is that for accommodation? Additionally, you can likewise send across an individual message to guarantee that your blessing isn't simply unique however a significant one.

You would now be able to purchase customized cakes or submit your request for presents for her on the web, essentially at the snap of the mouse. Anyway, what are you sitting tight for? Feel free to arrange an endowment of your decision, immediately! For customized endowments, you need to submit a pre-request, grin and sit back loose. While we deal with the remainder of the difficult work, you go ring up your darlings and make proper acquaintance.

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May 27, 2021

Enjoy a Custom Plate Set Especially Designed to Suit Your Dining Room or Themed Event

The plate is a staple kitchen adornment, the primary table component, and a need in the lounge area. For a more close to home touch, you can print on a beautifying plate with specially crafts, photographs, or even content. On the off chance that you need to utilize your customized plates for show, you can browse a dark plastic remain to set it up or an 'undetectable' glue divider holder. In case you're not going to show your plate, you don't need to incorporate a prop by any means. Our customized bone china plates are accessible in two sizes.


You can arrange your customized supper plate as it comes or you can pick between two exceptional showcase alternatives. Show your photograph plate on an immortal acrylic stand or transform your creation into a divider plate by choosing the undetectable divider holder.

Customized PLATES

Since you can purchase these as singles they make the ideal oddball buy custom platter. In any case, in the event that you'd prefer to make an extravagant supper set, you can arrange as many customized plates you like. Whichever way imprinting on plates is a help for you to make them look as you wish in your decision of plan or craftsmanship. Ideal for gatherings, adornments or as customized photograph blessings.


On the off chance that you can't settle on which photograph to utilize, you can transfer different pictures and make a photograph composition. This should be possible utilizing one of our pre-set montage layouts, or you can make your own completely without any preparation. It's really simple to do and the conceivable outcomes are huge.

We can print your specially crafted supper plates in singles sets or bigger amounts. We prompt you not to put significant subtleties on the edge of your plates to guarantee that they don't get cut off. We can't ensure total situating precision because of the hand-tailored nature of your customized supper plates, so it is ideal to not depend on the total centering of your plan.

If it's not too much trouble, note: Custom printed plates are specially made in a one-of-a-kind cycle which creates an HD quality print. Notwithstanding, they are not as hard-wearing as customary earthenware dinnerware and are intended for improving purposes as it were. They are dishwasher safe, however, we would suggest taking care of them with care.

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May 26, 2021

Buy the Foremost Effective Reusable Straw Set at Rock Bottom Prices on Aquaholic Gifts Pte Ltd

Hoping to purchase reusable straw set? You are in the perfect spot! Aquaholic Gifts Pte Ltd is a viable online stage for brands and venders to advance their items, and clients to buy their products. Bragging a wide reach items across many classifications, it is a one-stop objective for anything you need. With Aquaholic Gifts, you are guaranteed of quick, safe, and advantageous easy internet shopping experience. Shop anything from popular contraptions and stylish design pieces to contemporary home extras and magnificence supplies to staple basics and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Everything is effectively inside your compass!

We have joined forces with more than a huge number of driving brands and confided in merchants to present to you a wide assortment of item decisions. You will see brand official stores selling 100% legitimate items alongside numerous other autonomous merchants, separately giving labor and products that meet each client's necessities. With regards to buying reusable straw set, you will without a doubt not run out of decisions.

Appreciate incredible investment funds, limits and magnificent worth when you shop reusable straw set on Aquaholic Gifts with respect to costs and quality. We routinely add new items, keeping you refreshed with the most recent turns of events and plans. We likewise give web and application just offers, free delivery vouchers, authorized glimmer deals, pack arrangements, brand and vender limits and other promotions to assist you with expanding your shopping experience with us.

Get the best reusable straw set at the most minimal costs with modest or free delivery rates just at Aquaholic Gifts. As one of the greatest online commercial centers in Singapore, we generally endeavor to give and oblige what the clients need and need. Maybe than wandering around and thinking about choices from different destinations, look at our site and profoundly appraised application, and helpfully put in your request. Your reusable straw set will be helpfully conveyed directly to your doorsteps anyplace you are in Singapore, ensured with problem free returns. Stay guaranteed of value items as consumer loyalty is our most extreme need.

Investigate a wide scope of reusable straw set and submit your requests immediately! It is additionally incredible to mindfully look at merchant appraisals, client audits and item portrayals prior to putting in a request. You ought to painstakingly and astutely look at costs as well and look at some store limits and coupons to save considerably more on your buys.

Shop for the most recent and sensibly estimated reusable straw set on the country's driving web based shopping objective. Whatever items you select, you make certain to discover them here. Aquaholic Gifts Singapore has a large number of tough, astounding, and moderate items, staying up with what our enthusiastic clients need and need. In the event that you are searching for very good quality or spending plan well disposed reusable straw set, you can get it here!

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Promotional Lunch Boxes Custom Printed

We Print Your Logo on Promotional Lunch Boxes

Customized lot lunch boxes are an absolute necessity have for all ages. Regardless of whether you are preparing for a school trip or simply searching for a limited-time instrument that will make your organization stick out, these lunch boxes offer something for pretty much everybody. You can investigate the entirety of the various items that we need to browse and discover what you need for less, giving you a ton of choices for your special promotion, regardless of what you have as a primary concern. For laborers on a structure site the protected lunch sack range incorporates items that will keep your beverages cold throughout the day and complete with shoulder tie and convey handles take lunchbox plan to an unheard-of level! Advantageous, dishwasher protected and functional lunch box makes the ideal individual blessing and makes having a solid lunch at work a breeze!

Utilizing Lunch Boxes in Marketing and Promotions

Set aside the effort to consider how special lunch boxes can be tweaked so you can get really advertising mileage for your business when you utilize these noon food stockpiling holders need to establish a decent connection with your customers or deals possibilities. It will be simple for you to print your logo or organization data on these crates and spread the news to individuals about what you have to bring to the table. Allow us to assist you with getting your showcasing when you are searching for an approach to advance your business in an alternate manner. There is such a lot of that you can browse and we're here to help you ensure that you get everything for less. Call us to talk about your custom orders and see how we can help you with these lunch boxes and other promotion things.

A functional utilize each day blessing thought, look at the assortment of custom lunch boxes accessible here, all marked with your logo. Or on the other hand, then again another incredible lunch transporter arrangement is a special cooler pack that joins adaptability with protection. Extraordinary for on-location laborers and business explorers, you can save food and drink at the correct temperature for quite a long time

Requesting custom lunchboxes is tied in with getting more from your lunch. Most have space for the entirety of your number one noon delights. You can even utilize them for eating in a hurry or keeping drinks cool when you're all over town. These custom lunchboxes have such countless uses past only holding your lunch which settles on them an extraordinary decision for any organization or association. You'll never need to stress over shading conflicts with the reach accessible and you would custom be able to print your logo, plan, or organization data as you wish on most models.

These lunch boxes are incredible to advance smart dieting and are mainstream in schools, medical care offices, and other cordiality administrations. Individuals like having a lunch box and on the off chance that you can give them that, they'll be appreciative. These exceptionally printed lunch holders are the ideal size for a full lunch and they're not difficult to clean and store, and surprisingly fit pleasantly in many fridges with the goal that you can keep your lunch cool until you're prepared to eat. limited time lunchboxes permit individuals to get more from their lunch in a hurry and give a completely compact size, as well.

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